Poolkoorts | Arctic Fever

Book with 22 drawings of B.C. Epker & 20 poems of Peter du Gardijn
inspired by diary of the Dutch whaling captain Hidde Dirks Kat (1747-1824)
Language: Dutch, English
Book format: Hardcover, 22 × 22 cm / 48 pgs / full colour / edition 400
Design: Sonja Kamer
Translation: Agnes Matthews
Editor: Hanneke Majoor
Print: Grafische Groep Van der Eems, Easterein/Heerenveen
Finishing: Boekbinderij Soesbeek, Groningen
Publisher: Mauritsheech Publishers
Distribution: Wijdemeer
Nur: 306 & 646
ISBN: 978-90-826309-2-3
Publication date: June 2018

Price: €19,95 + shipping costs
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Review in Dutch by Drs. Erik Kreytz (NBD Biblion, 15-05-2019)

Special Edition "Diana & Actaeon"

Mischa Andriessen, B.C. Epker, Irini Mavromatidou

Loose leaf edition: hardcover, half linen, embossed,
with five linocuts by B.C. Epker, five linocuts by
Irini Mavromatidou and three unpublished poems
by Mischa Andriessen
Linocuts: hand-printed by the artist and individually signed
Language: German, Dutch
Edition: 20 copies + 5 H.C (horse the commerce/not for sale)
Design: B.C. Epker
Binder: Kartonagenwerkstatt Trommer, Königshain-Wiederau (DE)
Paper: Simili Japon 225g
Size: 21 × 31 cm
Year: 2013

More information: www.hyperion-verlag.nl

All About Drawing

This eye-catching volume gives insight into the development of drawing in the Netherlands from the 1960s until the present day. One hundred artists have been selected for whom drawing forms the most important discipline in their oeuvre. Important to this selection – and, more broadly, to Dutch art after 1960 – is the high degree of originality and autonomous quality. Accordingly, a panorama of individuals unfolds – artists who apply autonomous work to paper on the basis of a unique signature.

Authors: Arno Kramer & Diana Wind
Hardcover, English / Dutch, 360 pages
Dimensions 31 x 287 x 225 mm, Weight 1.52 kg
February 2012
ISBN 9789491196270
Uitgeverij De Kunst

B.C. Epker; Pläydoyer für das Ungewisse

Author: Jos ten Berge,
Editor: Dr. Norbert Fasse
Publisher: Stadtmuseum Borken 2011
Softcover, German, 16 pages, Dimensions 16,2 x 26,1 cm

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B.C. Epker, Lucide Domeinen | Lucid Domains

This book gives a rich overview of the most significant works of B.C. Epker created over the past few years.
Published on occasion of the ‘Gerrit Benner Award 2006’ and solo exhibitions in the Fries Museum Leeuwarden
and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Review in Kunstbeeld (in Dutch)

Authors: Wim van Krimpen, Saskia Bak, Huub Mous, Mischa Andriessen
Graphic design: Gert Jan Slagter
Language: Dutch / English
Hardcover | 64 pp | 27 x 23 cm | 46 full colour images 
€ 25,00 netherlands; € 28,00 europe; € 31,00 outside europa
ISBN 978-90-810414-1-6
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