B.C. Epker, Lucide Domeinen | Lucid Domains

This book gives a rich overview of the most significant works of B.C. Epker created over the past few years.
Published on occasion of the ‘Gerrit Benner Award 2006’ and solo exhibitions in the Fries Museum Leeuwarden
and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Review in Kunstbeeld (in Dutch)

Authors: Wim van Krimpen, Saskia Bak, Huub Mous, Mischa Andriessen
Graphic design: Gert Jan Slagter
Language: Dutch / English
Book format: Hardcover | 64 pp | 27 x 23 cm | 46 full colour images 
Price: € 25,00 ex shipping cost
ISBN: 978-90-810414-1-6
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